Fognigma's Secure Remote Work Environments

Create on-demand, encrypted, entirely secure remote work environments, in minutes

Easily Deploy VPN's

Create custom VPNs that feature secure video conferencing; private, encrypted telephony networks; secure file servers; sandboxed VDIs; and end-to-end, user-specific message and file encryption.

Automate Production

Automate and schedule VPN production so that important resources like VDIs and video conferencing servers are always available when needed, and automatically destroyed at the end of each day.

Create Secure Connections

Using simple software or hardware solutions, users can secure their connections and safely access protected resources from anywhere.

Compartmentalize Access

Create users and groups and customize access to specific resources inside a single VPN.

Fully Secure & Encrypted Work Environments

Create on demand, secure remote work environments that are untraceable and invisible. Fognigma VPNs are built across multiple cloud providers to provide a secure space enterprises can conduct operations no matter where they are. Fognigma environments are designed for any situation where secure collaboration, encrypted communications, automated encryption services, and invisible cloud-based environments are required.

Within Fognigma VPNs

Secure Communication and Collaboration

Video Conferencing

Virtually communicate face-to-face in trusted and untrusted environments. Video conferences are completely encrypted, globally accessible, and supported on devices running all major operating systems.

Encrypted Telephony

Holler is an encrypted telephony service that uses interchangeable SIP numbers from around the world to provide specialized voice calling configurations for any situation. Holler allows users to speak and text with third parties without revealing their true numbers.

File Sharing

Secure file sharing made easy. Just connect to your enterprise’s secure file share, and treat it as an extension of your computer’s file system. Special public links can be created for outsider use.

Group Chat Messaging

Communications protected by cascading AES-256. This chat solution can be used anywhere in the world and works on any device running any major operating system.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Fognigma’s VDIs allow users to anonymously browse the Internet while appearing to be in almost any location around the world, can be destroyed within just a few clicks, and can be completely customized to enterprise’s needs with specialized applications.